8th Graders Complete Traditional Retreat

In keeping with Lacordaire’s Dominican roots, the 8th grade class gathered together in a retreat to prepare themselves spiritually for the next leg of their journey: high school.

Joined by the Upper School Preachers and some of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell, the Academy’s sponsors, the soon-to-be Middle School graduates reflected on three important components of faith building: community, self-image, and prayer. The students meditated as a class and in small groups on their journey through Middle School, and prepared their spirits for the challenges high school will present. The day was punctuated with recalling great memories, imagining great dreams, and, as always at Lacordaire, a little fun and games, too.

Here’s to the strength of spirit of our 8th graders: we wish you every success and know you will achieve your dreams.


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