Creative Dramatics and Readers’ Theatre

One special program offered at Lacordaire combines Theatre and reading to deepen students’ understanding when reading.  Students in Pre K and Kindergarten learn to identify emotions and desires of characters. They continue in readers’ theatre to investigate character motives and emotions through physical performance.

Public Speaking/Theatre

Every student in the Academy performs on stage at least once a year.  The objective is to build confidence and communication skills.  Students engage in show and tell, letter detective, student of the week and leader of morning ceremony as early as Pre K and build on their presentation skills throughout their time at the Academy.

Process Approach to Writing

The Academy uses a process approach to writing.  Our youngest students in Pre K and K use inventive spelling, keep writing journals, and are read to daily in order to build vocabulary and storytelling skills.  As they move through the lower school grades, students learn to build strong writing skills through modeling, drafting, and teacher conferencing. Students begin formal structured paragraphs in first grade and build each year.  Writing is both creative and research based.

Special Clubs and Extra Curriculars are outline in our Extracurricular Brochure under Student Life.

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