Pre-K & Kindergarten Academics


All of our classrooms have access to Smart Board technology, two computer labs, and  iPad centers. Teachers use technology to enhance visual and tactile learning in the classroom. Technology gives students the opportunity to reinforce academic concepts through play and practice.


Reading/Language Arts

PhotoDec10105332PMIn Pre-K and Kindergarten, the students are introduced to reading through a readiness program which includes storytelling, poetry, pantomime, role playing and drama. The program develops competency in reading by using a phonics, as well as a whole language approach. Conversing, asking questions, and sharing experiences develop vocabulary and verbal fluency. Students learn to write their name in Pre-K, as well as all letters in the alphabet. In Kindergarten, students learn to use inventive spelling to keep journals and begin to write complete sentences.


Math in Pre-K and Kindergarten begins with recognizing, repeating and designing simple patterns. Math, like science, focuses on a hands-on, interactive and inquiry based approach to learning.  Students learn to count, use the number line and employ manipulatives in order to perform basic math concepts. Students will be able to write and identify numbers 1-30, perform basic addition and subtraction, identify and sort objects in groups by colors, shapes and sizes, tell time by the hour and understand simple graphing.


Recognition, appreciation and celebration of God’s creation introduce our earliest learners to their first faith experiences in school. The religion program is values-oriented with a strong emphasis on building community and learning to respect one another. The principles learned in religion are integrated and reinforced throughout the curriculum.  Daily lessons in character encourage students to be confident and independent learners, as well as caring citizens of their communities.


Students will understand concepts of the calendar, including months and days of the week, and the four seasons. They will study parts of the plant and learn about the plant cycle. Students will identify animal characteristics and their habitats. Students also study IMG_3765 (1)weather characteristics, as well as topics of interest such as dinosaurs and space.   Science includes inquiry, exploration of their world and hands on activities and labs.

Social Studies

Students develop an awareness about self, family, culture and community through observation and exploration of the world around them. General topics of study include the five senses, geography, seasons and weather, space, plants and animals, dinosaurs, music, occupations, nutrition and the environment.  Students will explore other cultures and customs including holidays throughout the year, know various patriotic songs and the Pledge of Allegiance, and understand the importance of community and community helpers.  All themes are integrated with the arts, reading, writing and math curriculum.


Lacordaire Academy is unique in its emphasis on strong communication skills, written and oral, beginning in Pre-K and continuing through 12th grade.  Students are called on to present daily IMG_0742to give the weather, salute the flag, lead in prayer or creatively participate as Letter Detectives or in Show and Tell.  Teachers read to the students everyday and encourage them to tell stories as well.


Every Kindergarten student performs in the annual Christmas production, The Tale of the Three Trees and the annual Kindergarten Talent Show, as well as in the end of the year play at our Kindergarten graduation.

Creative Dramatics

Pre-K and Kindergarteners deepen their reading comprehension by acting out their favorite stories. Through movement, children begin to recognize central ideas, character motives and emotions, and develop a deeper understanding of what they are reading.

Field Trips

Field trips include visits to farms, museums, the fire department, and local community stores. Guest speakers are frequently invited to share their experiences and knowledge with the class.


Pre-K and Kindergarten students enjoy gym class three times a cycle; they meet for art, computers and French once a cycle and music lessons twice a cycle.

Instrumental and Dance Programs

Students can partake in instrumental and/or dance programs on weekends or after school.  See Studio at Lacordaire under the Arts tab for more information.2013-12-11 19.23.46

Center Times

Center times are offered daily to give students more opportunities to use play to learn. Centers include: math, art, iPad, block, puzzle, train or kitchen centers.

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