Lacordaire Academy offers an intersession program which allows Upper School students insight into careers as part of their high school experience. Junior and seniors will shadow a professional in their business observing their day to day work activities, appropriate business dress and the professional conduct of a given occupation. The Academy has arranged for shadowing possibilities to include such professions as teachers, law enforcement detectives, retail buyers, attorneys, pharmacists, advertising executives, restaurant managers, nursing directors, meeting planners and doctors among others.

Freshmen and sophomores will explore careers through special programs held at the Academy. Students will be graded based on their participation and required to share their experiences with the entire student body during an assembly period. Programs offered include Forensic Sciencefor students interested in how finger prints, DNA and other clues are used to help law enforcement; an Art, Performance and Digital Media program for creative-minded students uses scripted material and live actors interacting with digital media to bring a story to life and French Cooking which demonstrates the creation of delicious French cuisine.

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