Service & Leadership

Project Justice

Project Justice is a service internship completed by every senior during their final semester at the Academy. Through this course, students live the Dominican tradition of social justice and community service. Students complete 60 hours of service in two separate types of facilities. In addition, they research and complete an added 20 hours of independent community service at a facility of their choice.

Eleven local facilities participate in three categories. At the early childhood centers, our students experience the rapid growth and development of preschoolers. At elder-care facilities, they interact with residents at many different levels. Facilities for the handicapped provide exposure to the struggles and trials of coping with both mental and physical disabilities.

Students are closely monitored by both an on-site mentor and their faculty advisor. In addition, each student must complete a self-evaluation report, case study and reflection paper for each of the two rotations.

The administration and faculty of Lacordaire Academy encourage and support efforts to make the social dimension of the Christian faith come alive in caring service, creative education and principled action. Through their participation in Project Justice, students learn firsthand the value and importance of community service. The program is a life changing and enlightening experience for the students.

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