Lacordaire Academy’s technology program provides faculty with the resources to make learning dynamic, engaging and current.  All classrooms in the Academy have Wi-Fi and Internet access, and students in every grade have access to the over 20 classrooms equipped with Smart Board or Smart Panel Technology. Additionally, there are two computer labs and printing stations for our students’ use, and students and faculty have access to iPads, mini iPads, and Chromebooks for daily and project-based learning.

Lacordaire Academy offers a 1:1 program in which students in grades 9-12 may bring in their own lap tops or tablets and students in grades 7-8 may use Chromebooks. Students in grades 7-8 are trained in how to use Chromebooks, and any student in grade 7-12 may reserve a school Chromebook for use during the day.

Students use technology to research, create and demonstrate knowledge, as well as to share ideas and collaborate with classmates.  Faculty use technology to provide students with the most current resources and information, to engage and excite all kinds of learners, and to teach skills that students need in future educational settings and careers.

Google Apps for Education

Lacordaire uses Google Apps for Education and provides students in grades 5 through 12 with Lacordaire emails.  Students and faculty use Google Apps to share information, create presentation, collaborate on projects, and to reduce paper waste.  Students and faculty receive training on how to use all available tools and resources, such as Classroom, Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets. They learn to blog, post and share information with each other and faculty.

Computer Science Curriculum

Technolgy curriculum is designed to support and extend the learning that occurs in the classroom, as well as to strengthen research, collabation and presenttion skills.

Lower School Computer Science Curriculum:

  • Practice reading and math skills through interactive games and educational software
  • Create visual and audial presentations to demonstrate knowledge of topics in language arts, science and social studies using PowerPoint and other tools
  • Impove study skills by learning touch typing and file management
  • Participate in annual Week of Code
  • Use iPads to build reading comprehention, math and phonics skills

Upper School Technology Curriculum

Students in grades 9-12 receive the following instruction:

  • Training on Google Apps for Education, including how to use Google Drive, Caledars, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Classroom for blogging and posts
  • Instruction on how to use Chromebook, iMac and iPade technology and Smartboard/Pannel
  • Theatre: Provides training with sound board and light equipment
  • Yearbook: Produces and edits annual yearbook
  • Checkerboard/Zephry: Creates and edits the quarterly school newspaper and the annual literary magazine
  • Film: Creates, directs, and produce original films and music videos using iMac and iPads
  • Photography: teaches basics of photography using iPhones and digital cameras


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