Middle School Music Program

Music Education at Lacordaire subscribes to the  philosophy “Education through Artistry.”  This motto coined by Dr. Doreen Rao from the University of Toronto promotes the idea of  providing students kinesthetic opportunities to experience music education through active artistic performance.

The teachings and research of Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly introduced since Pre-Kindergarten are promoted during weekly classes to connect the performance material to the academic.  Advanced vocal technique is introduced and showcased at the middle school level.  Past projects have included performing John Rutter’s Mass of the Children with the Summit Chorale,  Our Annual Lessons and Carols Concert in December, full scale musical theater productions, performance trips, and even the creation and performing of original student compositions.  Performing arts opportunities at Lacordaire are ever changing and always growing.

“The good musician understands the music without a score as well and understands the score without the music. The ear should not need the eye nor the eye the ear.”

– Zoltan Kodaly

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