Lower School Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts program at Lacordaire Academy is designed to develop student knowledge and skills in the performing arts, fine arts and in music. As part of student development, the arts contribute to the development of strong creative and critical thinking skills. Theatrical skills and techniques are developed through creative dramatics and movement and Reader’s Theater.

drama-lowerLacordaire Academy introduces Drama to Pre-k and K students with a literacy-based Creative Dramatics Program. Each week a new book is introduced starting in October. Using Creative Dramatic techniques and enactment, students  dissect character and plot elements from each book.  Students dance, act, sing and recite sequences of text, bringing to life poetic language in its array of rhythms while enhancing meaning through physical and emotional connections.

Reader’s Theater presents literature in a dramatic format to grades 4 and 5. Students read aloud and learn how to use their voices to effectively convey meaning. Using performance and acting techniques, students learn to retell a story using emotion, voice inflection, fluency and physical interpretation of character. Students use current literature read in class such as The Secret Garden and Number the Stars.

Drama for young children is invigorating and inspiring. It brings out their natural abilities in play and reinforces their creative imaginations by experiencing the stories they read. Drama in the long term builds performance skills, reading comprehension and fluency, and develops a unique connection to the literature they have experienced.

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