Upper School Visual Arts

Art I

The Upper School Fine Arts Program introduces freshmen to art skills, art history and concepts during their first year of study. Using drawing tools, sculpture and painting, students will examine and construct art using bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional concepts.

Some of the areas of study include:P1010222

  • Elements and principles of art an design
  • Social and historical approaches to collage
  • Feldman method of art criticism
  • Line Drawing, Gesture Drawing, and Grid Drawing
  • Performance Drawing
  • Anamorphic art
  • Rules of third and golden ratio
  • Stippling
  • Renaissance-Intro to Perspective Drawing

Art II

Art Major II focuses on large-scale works. Murals can be seen throughout the school modeled after paintings by artists such as Pablo Picasso.  Students examine the major art movements in history, and address formal application of the elements and principles of art and design relating to a specific art period. Students explore and execute techniques and approaches to current art concepts and ideas and refine skills in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art.

Areas of study include:

  • Color theory applications and practice
  • Reactive painting and drawing
  • Coil incised ceramic
  • Medieval Icon Paintings
  • Renaissance one and two point perspective
  • Impressionism techniques
  • Surrealist drawings
  • Expressionist oil painting and post-war sculpture and text


In Art III, students focus on meaning, significance and direction in their art work. They construct three dimensional art, develop printmaking skills and study and discuss aesthetics and historic trends in art. An important part of Art III is the development of each student’s professional portfolio and personal statements.

Areas of study include:P1010582

  • Soft sculpture
  • Sculptural design of Styrofoam sculpture
  • Identification of artist’s iconography
  • Analysis of symbols, elements and principles of 3D works
  • Coil incised pottery
  • Assemblages
  • Feldman method of art criticism
  • Ready-made – Marcel Duchamp
  • 3D art projects

Art IV

Students seriously interested in practical and professional art careers produce portfolio quality work. In preparation for advanced study, students analyze and critique works of art and develop understanding of art analysis and aesthetics.  College-bound students’ portfolios include a variety of media, including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and three-dimensional works. The students create both a printed and CD portfolio.

Art Intercession Project

20120222131409002With the inception of the Intercession Project, art students focus on a single design project.  The project provides a workshop environment that combines skills and techniques already learned with new learning parameters.  Recent projects include Art and Digital Media and Aesthetic Design in the Workplace.

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