Bravo! The Cast of Shrek Wows Audiences

The Upper School Spring Musical, Shrek, was a great success! Despite a rough patch of sickness, the cast rallied and gave a spirited performance of the comedy turned musical.  The vocals were outstanding, and the collaboration of Lower, Middle and Upper School students showcased the entire Academy’s talent pool.  Freshman Isabella Cruz, who played Shrek, and Juniors, Emily Edwards, Jessica Leon and Amelia Lake, who played Princess Fiona, Donkey and Dragon respectively, deserve a special shout out for their singing, comic timing, dancing, and all around great acting.  Director Debby Irwin, Assitant Director Mary Kate Coleman, Theatre Assistant Eileen Ingoglia, Music Director Joanna Borowski, and Voice Coach Jaclyn Ingoglia, should take a bow.  Thank you to the entire stage crew and artistic talent Michelle DeWitt (mother of Oliver Conheeney gr. 5) for the behind-the-scenes work and fantastic set design. Finally, many thanks to the team of parents who volunteered to help and who provided the cast and crew with dinner every night of tech week.


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