Lower/Middle School Guidance

The Director of Guidance fullfills many roles here at Lacordaire, including counseling students and families who may be in need of help. While the Director is not able to offer long term counseling, the Director can help a student to find the counseling they may be in need of. Confidentiality is a very important part of the Director of Guidance’s role, so please CLICK HERE to read the guidelines that the Director abides by.

One of the main roles for the Director, along with our Coordinator of Learning Differences, is to work as the liaison between families and the Essex Regional Educational Services Commission in dealing with students who may have learning disabilities.  If a family has any concern about their child’s academic progress, they should speak to the teacher first and then if necessary, they will be referred to the Director or Coordinator to discuss all of their options. If a student has been diagnosed with a learning disability, then the team will work with the teachers and family to create an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) that works with the family and the school.

The Director is also the point person for families in the middle school to help them prepare for the next transition after middle school, whether that is to stay at Lacordaire or to look for a high school that is the next great fit for that student. Lacordaire has provided students with the education to ready them for this next step and the Guidance Department will now help them to find the right path after 8th grade.

For those just beginning middle school, CLICK HERE to see the process that we follow each year to prepare you for high school.

For those currently in the 8th grade, CLICK HERE to see the Middle School Profile that is sent to each high school that the student chooses to apply to.  The purpose of this document is to inform a high school who is unfamiliar with Lacordaire, the rigor of program and to explain what we offer to our students.

To reach the Guidance Office with any additional questions, you may call 973-744-1156, extension 17.

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