Upper School Guidance

Class of 2017

College Counseling

One of our goals, as a college preparatory Academy, is to prepare our graduates to take their place in the world as intellectual and caring young adults. With all of the Academy’s graduates attending college, much time and effort is given in the college counseling office to finding the correct match. We pride ourselves in partnering our students with the correct institution that allows them to attain the best education possible, achieve their highest potential and become empowered to better themselves and their communities. Intellectual excellence, as well as a strong moral base, prepares our graduates to be strong, centered individuals ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to prepare our students for college, the Office of Guidance offers the following services:

  • Individual college counseling, including help with selection of a college, application requirements, and tracking of your applications
  • Offer resources to help parents and students prepare to make choices about post-graduation plans
  • Administer standardized tests such as Advanced Placement (AP) examinations and the PSAT, help students to get registered for the SAT and/or ACT, and guide students in course selection
  • Arrange for college admissions officers to meet with our students in small groups throughout the year
  • Host College Information Nights for juniors and seniors
  • Give access to information on pertinent college admission topics
  • Guide families through applying for financial aid and provide information on how to receive scholarships

We have numerous colleges visit the Academy throughout the school year. The current college visitation calendar can be accessed as a current student by logging on to Google calendars and is updated frequently so students are aware of which colleges are coming on any given week.

In addition, it is very important for each college to understand who we are at Lacordaire and so a school profile is sent to every school that a student applies to. CLICK HERE to see this year’s school profile.

As a result of the above offerings, our students go on to attend a diverse number of colleges and universities. To see where our students have been accepted to over the past four years refer to the bottom of the school profile.

AP and Advanced Electives

In order to prepare students for college admission, Lacordaire Academy offers a variety of advanced courses. Starting in the students’ sophomore year they are able to take AP courses. Then starting in their junior year, they are also able to choose from a selection of advanced electives, such as Introduction to Law and Genetics. In addition,  we have embarked on a new partnership with the Online School for Girls. This will broaden our choices of courses by adding subjects such as computer science, engineering, and forensic science. For more information, please feel free to go to their website at http://www.onlineschoolforgirls.org.

Standardized Testing

To further prepare our students to reach their highest potential, starting in the freshmen year, we offer PSAT prep to all of our students so Lacordaire can assess the skills they have come in with.  By having this knowledge, we are then able to work with each student to prepare them for all of the standardized tests.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors all take the PSAT in the fall while our juniors and seniors begin taking the SAT or ACT in the spring of their junior year and continue through the fall of their senior year.

The teachers are constantly working on Algebra, Geometry, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills  to better prepare our students. The students are encouraged to recognize their strengths and to work on weaknesses with the help of the teachers.

National Honor Society Induction


Nurturing the Spirit

At Lacordaire Academy a strong emphasis is placed on celebrating the spirit as well as the intellect and giving back not only to the community, but also offering our students a “traditional” high school experience by offering dances and many enjoyable activities within the school as well.

Many opportunities exist for students to share their gifts and talents. These opportunities are as diverse as traveling abroad to Europe to fund-raisers to benefit children’s charities and cancer research. We also nurture those within the school with our Big/Little Sister program, dances and proms, and our prayer services. To see our current club schedule with all of our offerings for the fall, you may click here.

Advisor Program

As soon as each student arrives at Lacordaire Academy they are assigned a faculty advisor. Advisors meet with their advisees monthly to guide course selection, monitor progress, lead advisor group discussions on important topics of the day or year, and generally serve as mentors. In addition, advisors serve as a strong liaison to parents, communicating regularly so that parents are informed about how their child is progressing.

Tutorial Periods

At Lacordaire Academy, we see each student as an individual and strive to meet the unique needs of that student. Time is allotted each day for students to meet as needed with their teachers to gain further understanding of subject matter. The teachers and students may meet in either of two tutorial periods built into each day, during mutual free periods or through e-mail contact. Additionally, our faculty utilizes the school’s website to provide updates on the syllabi, post homework assignments and provide instruction for long term projects.




Assembly Period

At Lacordaire Academy, we recognize that education does not simply come from a book. An assembly period is built into the schedule each week to ensure that our students can experience many aspects of a well-rounded education. The focus of the assembly period varies from cultural heritage activities, safety education, opportunities to help the community, featured outside speakers and fun activities, such as a faculty-student volleyball game.

This year, our speaker series is centered around valuable “life skills” that we believe every student should graduate with.  We have three speakers coming in this fall to speak to “Empowering our Young Women” on topics such as positive thought, what it means to be a purpose driven change agent, and helping our students to find inner strength to be who they want to be.

The assembly schedule can be found by CLICKING HERE.


It is all too common for college students to switch majors in their junior or senior year. The reason most students cite for these late changes is that they did not really understand their career choices. These late changes can be difficult and often require an additional year of college and, therefore, another year of tuition expenses.

In an effort to give students greater insight into a variety of careers the Academy works with members of the community to offer an intersession week which allows junior  students to shadow a professional in their business. Our students have shadowed doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, school administrators, physical therapists, teachers and many other diverse professions.

Students learn about appropriate business dress, professional conduct in the work environment and the day to day work of a given profession. At the conclusion of the program, the students report their experiences to the school community and are given a grade for the journal they were asked to keep during their week.

This week is also a time when the other grades in the Upper School get to take part in one of many different projects that may interest them, such as CSI, Cooking, and various Art projects.

CLICK HERE to see this year’s past Intersession Schedule.


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