Dr. William C. Hambleton’s Letter 9-15-17

September 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

I recently read an article that described a study conducted by IDEO that examined innovation in 100 companies.  The findings of the study in regard to the question “what fuels innovation?” were somewhat surprising.  They discovered that the most powerful fuel for innovation is not groundbreaking ideas or unlimited resources.  On the contrary, they found that the most powerful fuel for innovation is a company’s mission.  They discovered that “projects and strategic solutions succeed 20.4% more often when leaders articulate the company’s mission clearly, and then reliably practice what they preach.”

As we conclude our first full week of school, I am profoundly grateful to be a part of this community that has such a clear and compelling sense of mission.  Our deep roots in our Catholic identity and the Dominican tradition offer us a sense of purpose and shared values that is apparent in every classroom that I entered this week.  I want to extend my sincere thanks to all of you for welcoming me into the Lacordaire family.

The academic year is in full swing at this point!  Our Upper School students held their club fair this week and our college visits for juniors and seniors begin next week.  Our Middle Schoolers have begun identifying the leaders among them and they will host their student body elections on Thursday.  Our Lower School students brighten the Carriage House with their wonderful smiles as they look forward to Lower School Sports Day next Friday.  I am grateful that so many of you attended our Parent’s Association meeting this morning.  The PA does so much for this community.  By participating in the PA events and paying the PA dues, you are doing a great deal to enhance the experience of every student at Lacordaire.  Thank you!

We have much to be grateful for at Lacordaire Academy.  However, we are very aware that many people are not as fortunate.  Our school community is participating in a relief effort for our Dominican sister schools that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Details are on the homepage of our website.

Have a wonderful weekend!


William C. Hambleton, Ed.D.

Head of School


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