Middle School STEAM Fair Showcases Student Talent

On Friday, March 23, Lacordaire had our STEAM Fair. Students in grades 5 – 8 worked in teams identifying a problem in the world and used the engineering design method to solve it using the United Nations Sustainable Development goals as a guidelines. Upper School Students visited each grade’s presentation and evaluated their projects.The following groups are moving on to present at the Archdiocese STEM EXPO on Saturday, April 14:

5th grade: Wonder Box Project – Cyan Leverett, Aryah Shah, Isabella Gregory & Juliana Marra
6th grade: Operation Purification – Aiden Kwiatkowski,Rianne, Okai, Jillian Sullivan
7th grade: Oceana – Diego Pasini, Nico Chiaravalloti, Nora Maloney
8th grade MWK Filtration – Kevin Whitworth, Maria Gagliano, Warren Clarke

Mrs. Ang, Dr. Probst, and Dr. Zinman helped the students with the engineering design process. Mrs. Crompton guided the third grade in a Citizen Science Project investigating Lacordaire’s backyard birds. She also oversaw the fourth grade students in applying their knowledge of simple machines by building Rube Goldberg machines. A special thanks to everyone who helped the Academy students show off their knowledge and skills!

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