Lacordaire voted Best of Essex…Two Years Running!


Lacordaire Lock-In

Last Friday, May 5th,  the Upper School girls held their annual Lock-In where they spend the night at Lacordaire in the gym. It is...   Read More

Annual 8th Grade Trip to NYC: A Success!

The 8th-grade visited New York City for their annual trek. Students enjoyed the musical Aladin, as well as a stroll through Bryant Park and...   Read More

Lacoraire Talent Abounds

This afternoon, members of the Lacordaire Academy Drama Club attended a red carpet event at Montclair State University where they got to meet with...   Read More

Lower School Rocks the House

On Wednesday, April 26thL, students in PreK through 4th grades, accompanied by the 5th-grade chorus, dazzled their audience with an evening performance of the spring...   Read More

Second Graders Get Flossing Tips From the Experts

Thank you to Dr. Tyra Manso of Montclair Pediatric Dental, for visiting the 1st and 2nd graders to discuss the importance of dental care!...   Read More

Middle School Blasts Off at Buehler Space Center

On April 26th, the entire Middle School visited Buelher Space Center to learn all that goes into a launch.  Students wrote resumes and were assigned...   Read More

Pre-K Class Enjoys the Fruits of Their Labors

The Pre-K class and their teacher, Mrs. Thornton, were delighted to see the colorful bunch of tulips that sprouted along the wall of Lacordaire...   Read More

Bravo! The Cast of Shrek Wows Audiences

The Upper School Spring Musical, Shrek, was a great success! Despite a rough patch of sickness, the cast rallied and gave a spirited performance of...   Read More

Freshman Host 7th Grade Shadow Day

On April 7th, over 15 seventh grade students from nearby Catholic and public schools enjoyed a great Shadow Day experience at Lacordaire.  Our visitors,...   Read More

Two Lacordaire Upper School Students Selected for Inspired Minds Exhibition

Congratulations to Yamisha Braconiel and Lucia Marra for having their photos selected for the Inspired Minds exhibition from out of over a thousand entries.  This year’s...   Read More

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