Lacordaire voted Best of Essex…Two Years Running!


Annual Ring Ceremony Pays Tribute to Friends

Seventh graders, under the guidance and direction of religion teacher Deb Ocot, presented the annual Ring Ceremony, a Lacordaire tradition.  A selection of scripture...   Read More

Lacordaire Academy’s Cartographers Celebrate Diversity

The Academy’s classrooms were recently described by a visiting parent as a “mosiac of children.”  To celebrate our diversity, 9th and 10th graders painted...   Read More

Quelle Merveilleuse Semaine!

During Intersession Week, students in grades 10 and 11 immersed themselves in French culture and language.  Under the guidance of French teacher Madame Altholz,...   Read More

Second Grade Makes History…Again

With the direction of teacher, Ms. Suzanne Bilicska, the second graders dressed in costume and presented memorized speeches to the Lacordaire community.  This activity...   Read More

The Saints Came Marching In!!

First graders dressed as Dominican saints and presented memorized recitations about each one to the Pre K through 8th grade, as well as all...   Read More

Lacordaire’s “Find Your Voice” a Success

The Upper School’s Writers Club and moderater Lauren Mazzari, sponsored an evening of original poetry, stories, song and dance on January 22nd.  Mirembe Fisher...   Read More

Class Parents Create Driving Safety Video

Thank you to Cristy & Mickey Singh, parents of Kabir and Arjan (grades K and 3)  and Imani & Jean Tadal, parents of Sophia (grade...   Read More

Congratulations to our Mock Trial Team

Lacordaire’s Mock Trial Defense team went against a strong team from Montclair High School in the semi-final round. The team went toe-to-toe with one...   Read More

Lacordaire Mock Trial Team Advances!!

On January 12th, the Lacordaire Mock Trial team competed in round two at the Veteran’s Courthouse in Newark, NJ.  After narrowly losing the first...   Read More

Civil Rights Assembly Speaker Visits Lacordaire

Junius W. Williams, Esquire, civil rights activist, educator and author of Unfinished Agenda: Urban Politicis in the Era of Black Power, gave a powerful presentation today...   Read More

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