Student Government

Lacordaire Academy encourages all students to become active members of our school community. An important aspect of this participation is Student Government, which acts as a connection between administrators and students. Students learn the impact and power of positive leadership.


Upper School

The Upper School Student Government works to ensure that each student becomes an active member of her school community.  Each class elects two representatives to the Student Council.  In addition, the entire school votes to elect the Student Council Executive Board.  This consists of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer from the senior class and an executive representative from the junior class.  Together, these young women work with the Head of School and the administration to convey any concerns of the student body and to plan activities which will provide an interesting and enriching school year.

Middle School

The Middle School Student Council includes representatives from seventh and eighth grade, as well as President, Vice President and Secretary positions.  Students must announce their candidacy to faculty, administration and the Middle School student body.  Elections are held annually.  Student council meets weekly, helps to host Open Houses, oversees the student newspaper Laco Ledger, leads morning ceremony and speaks on behalf of the student body.

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