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Thank you for being part of the Lacordaire family!

As you know, tuition cannot possibly cover the full cost of a Lacordaire education. Your contribution remains vital to preserving the wonderful small class size, warm nurturing environment and outstanding academic opportunities for students.

Our biggest challenge as we move forward is to refurbish campus structures now 50 to 115 years old and to increase the resources for our STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math and art) programs that enhance staff collaborative efforts and student scores.

With your help, Lacordaire prepares students to succeed in high school, college and life with 100% of graduates receiving admission to the private high schools and colleges of their choice and 70% earning academic scholarships to further their education.

Thank you again for your support.

William C. Hambleton, Ed.D.
Head of School

For more information, please contact the:

Advancement Office
Lacordaire Academy
155 Lorraine Avenue
Upper Montclair , NJ 07043
973-744-1156 x33

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