Upper School Spring Musical a Smash Hit!

On Friday, April 27th, the Lacordaire Performing Arts students presented the annual Spring Musical, this year bringing Disney’s The Little Mermaid to life. The Lacordaire students, joined by Montclair State freshman Fred Spiewak, put on an unforgettable performance that involved every level of the Academy: Upper, Middle, and Lower.

A visual delight from the costumes to the set, the Musical lived up to its name with stellar performances by Seniors Emily Edwards, Amelia Lake, Sofia Cartagena, Janiece Pacheco, and Jessica Leon.

One of Lacordaire’s best-attended traditions, the Musical delighted the packed houses that came to see it, with stunning vocal performances and brilliant choreography. In every detail, audience members really felt like they were “under the sea.”

While the performances themselves were truly outstanding, the cast agrees that the biggest thrill for them is simply the chance to perform at all, showing how dedicated to the arts Lacordaire students really are. All of their hard work paid off, as the students called it a wrap on Saturday with memories that will last a lifetime.



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