Board of Trustees


Christine James OPA ’83, ‘87

Chairperson of the Board

Anne Utley P’12


Carol Monroe

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair


Paul M. Brown

Sales Executive, Retired

William S. Hearst

Chairman and COO, The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation

Mary Elizabeth Hennessy-Shotter, Esq. ‘91

Deputy General Counsel, State of New Jersey PERC

Christine James OPA ’83, ‘87

Managing Director, Allspring Global Investments

Sr. Mary John Kearney, OP

Office of Sponsored Works, Sisters of Saint Dominic, Former Principal, Lacordaire Academy

Megan Mannato, Ex-officio

Head of School, Lacordaire Academy

Paul M. Brown

Sales Executive, Retired

Hugh M. Moriarty, III

Director, Hugh M. Moriarty Funeral Home

Anna P. Navatta, Esq., OPA

Asst. Executive Director, Northeast New Jersey Legal Services

Sr. Lena Picillo, OP

Leadership Team Member, Sisters of Saint Dominic

Louise M. Palagano, P’05, P’10

Municipal Clerk, Township of Bloomfield

Sr. Patricia Tavis, OP

Leadership Team Member, Head of Sponsorship Sisters of Saint Dominic

Carolyn von Schaumburg Brickner, Esq. ‘89

Tatem Elementary School Enrichment Program Director

Elaine Bauer Zabriskie ’69

Trustees Emeriti

Sr. Bertrand Austin, OP *
Former Lacordaire Academy Volunteer, Sisters of Saint Dominic

Sr. Mary Immaculate McGovern, OP
Music Teacher (retired), St. Mary’s Rutherford and Lacordaire Academy

Brian F. Morgan
Retired Head of School, Lacordaire Academy

Additional Members of the Executive Committee

Institutional Advancement Committee Chair: William S. Hearst
Plant & Facilities Committee Chair:  Mark Nouhan, P ’09, P’11
Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair:  Christine James, OPA ’83, ‘87
Caldwell Dominican Council Liaison:  Sr. Lena Picillo, OP
Caldwell Dominican Council, Sponsorship Director: Sr. Patricia Tavis, OP
Head of School, Ex-officio:  Megan Mannato


* – Deceased