High School Students Travel to Europe

Goodbye, USA!

Dublin and Belfast

The group’s tour of Dublin included a visit to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum where students learned about why many Irish citizens left their native country. They discovered that what it means to be Irish expands far beyond the borders of Ireland through the stories of Irish emigrants who became scientists, politicians, poets, artists, and even outlaws all over the world. 

After their stop in Dublin, the group headed to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where they toured the Belfast Murals, which depict the past and present political divisions. 

Their day in Belfast concluded with a moving and emotional visit to Titanic Belfast. Located beside the very place that the Titanic was designed, built, and launched, Titanic Belfast tells the story of Titanic from her conception, through her construction and launch, to her maiden voyage and subsequent place in history. 

Next stop – Scotland!


The Laco Ladies have stormed Scotland and immediately fell in love with its beauty, culture, and people. Our travelers visited Alloway, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Loch Katrine. They toured Edinburgh and Stirling Castles, watched a sheep dog demonstration, saw some sights that inspired places and people from Harry Potter, took walking historical tours and a Ghost Tour, and visited several museums. 

Meeting the Famous Highland Cows!


On their trip the Highlands, the group went searching for Nessie as they cruised Loch Ness and were brought to Urquhart Castle in Drumbadrochit, Inverness. The ruins had a lively history and changed hands many times, but ultimately the towering gatehouse was deliberately blown up in 1692 so that the castle could never again be a military stronghold. Despite their best efforts, the group was unable to locate Nessie!

Commando Memorial  & Glencoe Valley , Scotland

Visiting the Commando Memorial – in honor of the officers and men of the commandos who died in World War II, located at their training ground. Then it was on to Glencoe Valley in the Scottish Highlands!