At Lacordaire Academy, a strong emphasis is placed on celebrating the student’s spirit as well as their intellect. We encourage them all to give back to their community and be their best selves. Students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have access to academic, personal, and spiritual support and guidance through a network of professional individuals.

Services offered through the Guidance Department include:

  • Academic and emotional short term counseling services
  • Programming to aid student’s mental and emotional growth
  • High School placement for all of our graduating 8th graders
  • College counseling for all of our Upper School students


Lacordaire Academy places a great emphasis on the academic, social, and emotional well being of each and every one of our students. Homeroom teachers and the Head of the Lower School are always available to speak to a parent or child about anything that is affecting the student’s ability to be productive in class and then, if need be, the Guidance office can also become involved.

We as a school work with our faculty and families to offer guidance in regards to peer relationships, problem solving, and group dynamics. It is a period of much growth for our students in the Lower School, and our ability to know each student individually helps us to guide them to make strong choices and always be respectful of their peers. It is a unique environment that allows each and every child to know they are cared for and have the support of all around them.


Lacordaire Academy realizes that a student’s middle school years are ones that need guidance from as many individuals as possible. The Academy forms a partnership with the families in which all students know they have a support network of faculty, peers, our Head of the Middle School, Dean of Students, and the Guidance department.

Through programming and individual connections, we are able to help all of our students to make wise choices and realize the ramifications of these choices. Programming, assemblies, and private meetings with a counselor are all available to our students.


Lacordaire Academy prides itself on bringing in a young woman in her freshman year and then helping to guide her academically and socially to become strong, open-minded, and driven senior. It is a joy to watch these women realize their full potential and be by their side to help them make choices to better themselves.  They walk out of here at graduation having found their voice and ready for their next step.

Many opportunities exist for students to share their gifts and talents and for us to help guide them through these very important years. These opportunities are as diverse as traveling abroad to Europe, organizing fundraisers to benefit children’s charities, and internship opportunities in careers they may wish to pursue. We also nurture those within the school with our Big/Little Sister program, dances and proms, and our prayer services. The Academy also offers a variety of programs that enhance the student experience, such as a weekly assembly/advisement period. This period consists of a monthly speaker series, with topics such as women’s leadership and social media safety, as well as fun activities, such as Fall Fest and Pep Rallies. The Guidance Department also offers group meetings with each grade to help them navigate their social lives and discuss any problems or concerns they may have.

College Acceptances

High School Acceptances

One of our goals, as a college preparatory Academy, is to prepare our graduates to take their place in the world as intellectual and caring young adults. With all of the Academy’s graduates attending college, much time and effort is given in the college counseling office to finding the correct match. We pride ourselves in partnering our students with the correct institution that allows them to attain the best education possible, achieve their highest potential and become empowered to better themselves and their communities. Intellectual excellence, as well as a strong moral base, prepares our graduates to be strong, centered individuals ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

As admission to selective high schools becomes more and more competitive, Lacordaire has responded by creating a very comprehensive placement process that has been extremely successful for the past 5 years.

It begins in the 5th and 6th grade years with a middle school orientation to help students better prepare for the transition to middle school and to help with selection of classes and continues through 7th and 8th with more detailed instruction about the process and one-on-one meetings with families to determine which high schools would be the best match for their child.