Head of School’s Monthly Newsletter

April 13, 2022

My dearest Lacordaire Community,

WE MADE IT! SPRING BREAK! I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter and a relaxing break! During this time, I encourage all to try and disconnect and recharge if possible. We need it! With that being said, I have instructed ALL faculty and staff to not check email during this period. Please be aware that if you do send any form of communication that you will not hear back from that individual until Monday, April 25th. I appreciate all of your understanding and patience and want to thank our amazing teachers for all of their hard work so far this year. When we get back, the countdown is on until the end of the year and the last month will fly by!

We are excited to announce that upon our arrival back from spring break, we will have many events to look forward to as our campus opens up more and our community comes back together. The most immediate will be that starting on Monday, April 25th, the Academy will once again hold Morning Ceremony outside in front of the Carriage House for our Lower and Middle School students (weather permitting). For those of you new to the Academy, this is a time where instead of the students heading into homeroom, they go and stand outside in front of the Carriage House. We will have teachers outside to watch over them. At 8AM SHARP, we then begin our morning ceremony in which, together, the Lower and Middle School say the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, sing, and hear morning announcements from our Middle Student Council. PARENTS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO JOIN IN THIS ACTIVITY! Park, walk your child up, and get a chance to see some other parents while we join together in the morning as a community. Our Upper School students will continue to have their Afternoon Ceremony all together in the gym.

Lastly, just a few quick reminders upon return:

  1. Monday, April 25th will be a Day 5!

  2. For Lower and Middle, summer uniforms can be worn, but you may also still wear winter uniforms.

  3. Please arrive each morning between 7:45am and 7:55am. School begins promptly at 8am and leading up to break, many students have been arriving after 8am. This disrupts learning in the morning, so PLEASE try to have your child dropped off ahead of 8am!

Again, I wish everyone a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you all on April 25th!

Be safe and well,

Mrs. Mannato

Megan Ogelby Mannato
Head of School

Head of Upper School
Lacordaire Academy
155 Lorraine Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043
Phone: 973-744-1156