Head of School’s November Newsletter

November 4, 2022

Happy November! It is hard to believe that September and October are behind us. As I sit at my desk this afternoon and look out to see all of the leaves changing color, I am struck with how lucky we are to find ourselves, every day, in the safe confines of our inclusive school buildings. When I look at the news, it is saddening to think about how much of the world may not feel safe. With the most recent threats to our New Jersey synagogues, I want to remind our community that Lacordaire stands in solidarity with our neighboring Jewish community as they cope with these credible security threats. Lacordaire denounces hate in all of its forms and continues to call for unity among our communities. May we support all individuals who do not feel protected in today’s society.

For us, here at the Academy, much is happening that we continue to be proud of. Today, all families will receive copies of our brand new newsletters. Lower families will receive these newsletters every month, while Middle and Upper families will receive them at the conclusion of each marking period. It is our hope that these newsletters will give you a glimpse into all that is happening within our classrooms. For Lacordaire, the rigor of our curriculum is a very important part of our identity. We want all students to graduate from Lacordaire feeling as though they are not only prepared for their next endeavor, but actually ahead of their peers from other schools. I think when reading these newsletters, it will be clear that this is indeed the case.

In addition, what is occuring at this Academy when it comes to community outreach, social justice, and activities in general is pretty amazing. I have been remarking to many how I barely have a moment to take a breath, but this is only because so many events are taking place that I want to attend! I am especially proud of the afternoon our middle and upper school hosted to honor National Hispanic Heritage Month and the phenomenal Diwali Celebration our parents hosted. Being an inclusive environment is at the core of our mission and these events display this fact perfectly. In the area of campus ministry, our Campus Minister, Nate Houston, hosted a successful park clean-up day where I heard we pulled an old shopping cart from the creek! Lastly, in the fun category, I want to thank our Parent Association for throwing the most “spooktacular” Halloween Party for our Lower and Middle students and another huge thank goes to our Upper School Student Government for hosting a masquerade themed Homecoming Dance with 160+ in attendance, a spirited Pep Rally, and a scary haunted hallway for our younger students. Having our community back together is the true definition of a “family affair.”

We look forward to seeing many of you at Parent/Teacher Conferences on November 10th, as today marks the last day of the First Marking Period. Thanksgiving here we come!

All My Best,

Megan Ogelby Mannato

Head of School