Our unique curriculum is characterized by high expectations and designed to promote the development of students’ creative and critical-thinking skills in classrooms that are safe, supportive, and equitable. The interests of Lacordaire students are what define curriculum development: we meet the needs of each student at their level, allowing each child to succeed while being challenged and engaged. As a result, students show higher academic achievements and feel empowered to develop their gifts and talents.

2022 Lower & Middle School Highlights

Public Speaking

Mrs. Thornton’s Pre-K geography unit concludes with a live presentation on various African countries. Students engage in a live conversation in front of peers & parents on topics such as daily life, the meaning behind the colors of their countries’ flags, and natural resources & wildlife that their countries are known for.

Greek Emotion Masks

In a 6th grade Theatre elective, students created hand-painted emotion masks, inspired by the costumes of ancient Greece, for an avant-garde performance.

Dissection Lab

8th graders participate in a fetal pig dissection lab: a fundamental part of understanding anatomy, dissection allows students to see the internal structures of animals and observe the interrelation of tissues and organs in a hands-on setting.

Learning Outdoors

Weather-permitting, teachers readily utilize our outdoor spaces: here, students in 2nd grade are asked to identify, describe, and draw objects in our garden boxes that coincide with assigned adjectives.