Meet Francis Feliciano ’25

By Stephanie Mutuku ’24

Stephanie: What sports or clubs do you participate in at Lacordaire?

Francis: I participate in volleyball, rowing, softball, and I played basketball in both Freshman and Sophomore year.

Stephanie: What is your favorite class right now and why?

Francis: My favorite classes are Environmental Science and Theater. I’ve always liked Science and since our class is so small, I feel that I can actually ask the teacher for help if I need it and actually get the help. I love theater because it’s a way for me to express myself!

Stephanie: What is your favorite activity to do and why do you enjoy it?

Francis: I love writing songs and crocheting. I started to do both during quarantine because I was struggling with the loss of a friend and my anxiety started to develop. A way for me to deal with my emotions was to write songs about what I was feeling, or words that I was too scared to say. Crocheting is my way of expressing myself, and it’s something I do very often. When I finish a plushie, top, sweater, or blanket, it makes me realize that I am capable of doing so much with something as small as yarn and a hook! And the final result is always so cute!