Memoirs in Miss McFarlane’s Class

Mr. Eichmann “Ode to My Mother’s Apple Pie”

Mr. Eichmann loves apple pie, but he finally told the story explaining why he has this obsession with apple pie. He explained that some of his fondest memoirs of childhood is making apple pie with his mother. He recalled the smells of sugar and cinnamon and how careful his mother laid the pie crust on top. His universal truth “Make and appreciate the time spent with loved ones”.

Mr. Houston “Inspiring Change”

Mr. Houston inspired the seventh graders to create changes, even if they don’t notice.  Mr. Huston spoke of his Aunt Kathy who spent years doing relief work in Kenya. Because of her experiences and her stories, Aunt Kathy inspire Mr. Huston to build a school in Uganda. Mr. Houston also inspired his brother to pursue his dream of becoming a part of the US Navy Special Forces. He encourages students to “inspire positive change among the people around you”. 

Mrs. Goldstein “Life with Mom”

Mrs. Goldstein shared a story from her childhood growing up on a horse farm. In a freak accident, a brick fell on Mrs. Goldstein’s left hand. On the way to the hospital, Mrs. Goldstein’s mother told her “to be brave” and she took that quite literally. As the doctor moved her finger checking for injury and asking her if she was in pain, tears were rolling down her cheeks and she kept repeating “nope, not a bit”. Mrs. Goldstein encourages students to not take everything in life so literally.