Pre-K Practices Global New Year Traditions

Mrs. Thornton’s Pre-K class spent the last two days learning about the ways people celebrate the New Year around the world. They kicked off their celebration with a parade through the entire academy, banging pots and ringing bells while wearing crowns and hats. In addition, they worked hard on setting a perfect resolution for themselves in 2024.

Today, students took the celebration to James Hall and ate 12 grapes each (Spanish tradition). They hung onions over the door and held them over their heads pretending to wake up to an onion (Greek tradition). They all participated in the Colombian custom of being blindfolded to pick one of the three potatoes (peeled, had peeled and skin on). Many discovered they would have a year without troubles, while some were disappointed to learn it would be a challenging year upon finding a skinned potato, but One student quickly reminded everyone “this is not real, so don’t worry.” We also ate noodles as is the custom in many Asian countries. By far, students were most excited to smash pomegranates on the ground (Turkish tradition) and throw old furniture from the balcony (Italian tradition). We can confidently say that the students’ appetites have been teased for their future global studies unit!