September 11-15 Academic Highlights

Hexagonal Thinking

Mrs. Giarrusso’s 7/8 grade Advanced Literature class found connections through hexagonal thinking. They wrote down favorite things and things they learned last year in English, and then they found sides that connected with other students’ hexagons. Mrs. Giarrusso says “they are getting to know each other and things they have in common. Plus, they have to work together to piece it together.”

Also pictured: Quinn brought in his tap shoes to share as his “artifact” with the class. Students brought in one artifact to describe themselves.

Ceramic Ghosts

Mrs. Lima’s 6th Grade Ceramics class jumped right in. After one brief session of “Ceramics 101,” students were given their first slabs of clay to work with. Mrs. Lima says “Slab Ghost Luminaries are in the works!”

A Lesson in Email Etiquette

Ms. Colemans 5th Grade ELA students practiced their email etiquette this week. Students were given a scenario in which they might have to write an email to their teacher. Not only did they learn to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but they also learned how to be professional and positive in their tone and clear and concise with their word choices. “These skills, while helpful in school, will follow them from their ELA class to the greater world,” said Ms. Coleman

Analyzing Speech

In AP Language and Composition, Mrs. Giarrusso’s class watched President Bush’s Oval Office address from 9/11 and then analyzed it for speaker, purpose, audience, context, exigence, tone, and style choices made in the speech.

Book Mashup

Ms. Roncero’s American Lit Honors 10 Class paired up in groups of two to create a creative mashup of their two favorite books. “They are so engaged. I love it!,” said Ms. Roncero. The group sat at our Harkness table and discussing writing styles and genres. 

Books that Shaped Me

Ms. Roncero’s Upper School Students completed a one-pager assignment wherein they illustrated & shared the books that have shaped them as readers. “I had to share these, as they blew me away” said Ms. Roncero. “These are going to fill the empty wall in the classroom. Very proud of all of them!”

Kindergarten Celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Mrs. M’s and Ms. Bielitz’s Kingergarten classes joined together for a guest presentation on Rosh Hashanah today. Students learned that Rosh Hashanah commemorates God’s creation of the world, and that this holiday marks the beginning of the new year in the Jewish faith. They created paintings, learned to say “Shana Tova” (Hebrew for “Good Year”), and celebrated with a sweet treat of apples, honey, and challah bread. 

Thanks to Mrs. Almasi P’27, P’32 for leading these activities! As we head into the weekend and the beginning of the High Holidays, we wish all of our Jewish families a sweet new year!

Back to School Liturgy

This morning, the whole Academy gathered for our Back to School liturgy. Fr. Scott‘s homily challenged Lacordaire students to project kindness to the utmost, to be inclusive and generous, and to reject pervasive selfishness and greed. 

Our closing hymn was “Waymaker,” which has become a Lacordaire tradition (and is Mrs. Mannato’s favorite).

ELA Pool Party in Ms. Coleman’s Class

 Summer might be over but it is certainly still hot enough for a pool party! After reviewing the most common parts of speech, students “made a splash” practicing their skills using pool themed activity stations.

Middle School Advisement Icebreakers

Samara Zinman, Marine Biologist, Visits A.P. Environmental Science

Marine Biologist Samara Zinman visited Dr. Zinman’s AP Environmental Science class today to discuss the methods used by scientists to measure biodiversity. 

Samara became fascinated with aquatic and marine systems at the age of 5 when learning about invasive zebra mussels in Lake George, NY.  After receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Biology and a Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Conservation from the Florida Institute of Technology, she worked in the Mote Marine Laboratory Coral Health and Disease program studying coral ecology. She is currently a Master of Marine Science Student at Nova Southeastern University studying coral species traits in Florida and the Persian Gulf under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Bauman. Samara’s work has taken her across the globe, from the Galápagos Islands to Abu Dhabi. 

Lower School Learns About the Shofar Horn, Zinman Family Demonstrates Sound