Teacher Appreciation at Laco

May 3, 2022


My dearest Lacordaire Community,


I write to you today with a love letter of sorts… It is National Teacher’s Day, and I could not think of a better moment to tell you how thankful I am for our faculty.



I know I am preaching to the choir, but we, simply put, have one of the best faculty around. Every day that I enter this building, I am struck by the dedication, commitment, and care that each faculty member puts into their students. We are open about the fact that our faculty do not get paid their worth and that we recognize that they do this job at Lacordaire because it is their mission to make a difference in the lives of the students. For just this fact alone, we are blessed.


Yet, what may not always be as apparent is that none of our teachers come to school to just teach. They are doing so much more on a daily basis. They are instilling a confidence in your children that they are capable of achieving all of their goals. They are caring for them whether it be that they happen to fall or are just having a bad day. They are challenging them so that every day they are learning something new, not only from a textbook, but from applying real life examples to their teachings. They are making them smile and man, do they do this task quite well. Our students are happy and that is thanks to our teachers.


As a school leader, I can only do my job with the support of my staff and faculty. We certainly would not be the school that we are today without them in the classroom. The rigor is upheld by them, and the community you all feel is created by them. I appreciate them every day, but today I especially wanted all of us to take a moment to thank them and recognize them for all of their hard work.