Transfer Students

A Note from our Director of Admissions

Dear Families,

Transferring to a new school is a big decision for the entire family. Whether the need to transfer is due to a change in location, social or emotional wellness, or displeasure with your current school’s philosophies and protocols, we are happy to listen and learn more about what you are looking for. As a small, selective school, we make every effort to ensure the transition for a newly accepted transfer student is as smooth as possible. Your child’s acclimation to our school environment will begin with a warm welcome and plenty of support.

It is our hope that Lacordaire becomes your child’s second home, where they will experience intellectual sustenance, community togetherness, and the joys of childhood that every young person deserves. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Saydi Callahan Keefe
Director of Admissions

Hear from Current Transfer Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lacordaire take transfer students?

Yes, we welcome admissions applications from transfer students. Placement availability is limited and depends on the current size of the class that a family is seeking to enroll in. 

When can an accepted transfer student start school at Lacordaire ?

We recommend transfer students start school in September (within the first marking period) or January, when school resumes after the winter break. For January transfers to the Middle and Upper School, we specifically recommend starting school after students take their midterm exams in the third week of January.

What is the application process for a transfer student?

We ask for the submission of an online application, transcripts & test scores (if applicable by grade), two teacher recommendations, and a student shadow day and assessment.

If a transfer student enters mid year, is the tuition prorated?

Yes, the tuition is prorated based on when the student starts the school year at Lacordaire.

Does Lacordaire Academy enroll international transfer students?

Yes, Lacordaire Academy does enroll international students in grades 6 through 12. International applicants must complete the same admissions process and requirements as U.S. applicants.

Additionally, international students must obtain an F1 Visa, verify financial support via their guardian, and verify housing and guardianship (off campus).