Veritas in Action: Dominican Sisters Visit 7th and 8th Grade

If you’ve ever taken a moment to study Lacordaire’s logo, you’ll see the word “veritas” at its center. Veritas is the latin word for “truth” or “reality.” The Dominican Order is known for its commitment to education and the pursuit of truth.

At Lacordaire, students of many different religions and cultures experience a dynamic education in the Dominican tradition.

Last week, Ms. McFarlane’s 7th and 8th grade classes received a special visit from Sr. Alice and Sr. Eleanor Uhl, who are members of the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, Lacordaire’s sponsors.

The class discussed the 4 energies of the Dominicans, after which the sisters opened up the floor for an extraordinarily honest Q&A.

Students asked thoughtful and complex questions about faith, love, commitment, and so much more.