Wishing our French guest un bon retour à Paris

Aujourd’hui, nous souhaitons à notre copain Moise un bon retour à Paris. (Today, we wish our friend Moise a safe return to Paris.) Moise’s 5th-grade classmates hosted a surprise farewell party for him in the gym yesterday, complete with pizza, cake, and a touching farewell video message. 

To say it was a pleasure to have Moise here at Lacordaire is an understatement. Moise, who traveled all the way from France to join our 5th grade class this semester, has been a beloved addition to our classrooms, pickleball team, music program, and more. Students, teachers, and administrators alike will all miss him dearly, but as Mr. de Toustain says, “it’s not au revoir, it’s à bientôt.” 

At Lacordaire, we are grateful for the lifelong relationships that we’ve established with our international students and their families. Giving young people the opportunity to foster global connections at an early age promotes personal and cultural growth as well as friendship. Plus, it’s always nice to have a friend or two to visit when one travels to a foreign city! 

Merci, Moise. We will miss you!